ROBOOT | Wireless sensor and control networks


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ROBOOT (RObust BOOTloader) is a software allowing for easy and fast adding to embedded application the feature of program exchange in system. Solution is based on including a micro-program (so called bootloader) to main application. Bootloader posess an ability to download and save in non-volatile memory a new version of main application, replacing older one.

Project provides tools for PC, allowing for generation so called update file, containing executable application code. It also provides libraries for creating user-defined bootloader version for various architectures, and exemplary applications.  

Why should you be interested in our offer ?  

  • ROBOOT was designed from the very beginning as an universal software component, basing on our team programming experience.
  • ROBOOT architecture allows for using many data sources, for example USART interface, FLASH/EEPROM memory, etc.
  • Supports various methods of providing data security (enctryption, scrambling, etc.)
  • Provides single tool and single standard for different projects, based on different hardware architectures.
  • Simplifies cooperation with system of software and product version control.
  • It has been tested in industrial application, requiring high level of security and reliability.

Currently ROBOOT is avaliable for microcontrollers from families:

  • STM32 from ST
  • STR71x from ST
  • AVR from Atmel (versions with at least 4kB avaliable for bootloader) 

Obviously there is a possibility to offer our solution for different hardware architectures. For details do not hesitate to contact us.