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This variable is mandatory. It specifies the source files to build. For example:

SRC = main.c ./lcd.c scripts/link.ld ../../startup.S

will command MAKAO to build 4 source files. The builder will be selected based on the file extension, using following rules: *.c - C source files *.cpp, *.cc, *.cxx - C++ source files *.S, *.asm - Assembler source files *.ld - Linker scripts

Paths are always relative to the directory in which the Makefile that defines them is placed. In the example above, both main.c and lcd.c will be searched in the directory where Makefile is placed. Linker script link.ld will be searched in the "scripts" subfolder and startup.S assembly file is expected to be found two directories up from the Makefile. This is also true for Component Definition Files (see Components)