HALFRED  0.4.0
OS module

Detailed Description


The OS module in HAL provides an abstraction of most common operating system mechanisms. It is used mainly to allow HAL to use some OS functionality in so called OS INTEGRATION mode. The application may also use OS module for better OS-portability.


At the moment, the OS module provides interfaces for:


void OS_Start (void)
void OS_Stop (void)
void OS_Sleep (OSTime time)
void OS_SleepUntil (OSTime time)
OSTime OS_GetSystemTime (void)

Function Documentation

void OS_Start ( void  )

Starts the OS scheduler.

void OS_Stop ( void  )

Stops the OS scheduler.

void OS_Sleep ( OSTime  time)

Puts the calling task to sleep for a number of ticks

timetime (in miliseconds) after which the task will be woken up again
void OS_SleepUntil ( OSTime  time)

Puts the calling task to sleep until specified time is reached

timeabsolute time at which the calling task will be woken up again
OSTime OS_GetSystemTime ( void  )

Returns the current system time (usually the number of system ticks that elapsed since reset).