HALFRED  0.4.0
Data Fields
ClockControllerDesc Struct Reference

Clock controller descriptor. More...

Detailed Description

Clock controller descriptor.

#include <hal_clk.h>

Data Fields

HALRESULT(* Init )(ClockController cc)
HALRESULT(* Deinit )(ClockController cc)
HALRESULT(* SetClockSource )(ClockController cc, int clk, int clk_src, uint32_t freq)
int(* GetClockSource )(ClockController cc, int clk)
uint32_t(* GetClockSourceFreq )(ClockController cc, int clk_src)
uint32_t(* SetClockFrequency )(ClockController cc, int clk, uint32_t freq)
uint32_t(* GetClockFrequency )(ClockController cc, int clk)

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